Students can request a one-to-one career guidance meeting with our independent, impartial Careers Advisors from Educational Development Trust.

Students have access to the ‘Community College VI’ Google Classroom where we post a range of opportunities. This range from virtual and in person work experience, conferences, jobs, apprenticeships, scholarships and other programmes that are careers related.

Students are invited to attend the annual careers fair – a school run event, where local businesses, employers, apprenticeship providers and a wide range of professionals, are available to talk to students and their parents about their profession. Several further and higher education providers attend this event also, giving further information on educational pathway choices.

Students are encouraged to apply for work experience opportunities through Speakers for Schools.

In Year 12, students are provided with a dedicated work experience week and support is given in the run up to this.

In Year 12, students receive a Careers and UCAS week where they can meet with industry professionals, gap year companies and universities. Students also receive help with UCAS personal statement writing and visit a university.

In Year 12, students who did not take part in the NCS programme the previous summer attend an assembly delivered by NCS and are encouraged to sign up, providing them with volunteering work experience in their local community across the following summer.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals. This could be in small groups for CV and interview advice through to larger talks about careers in specific industries.