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Please read the College VI Handbook (2020 Entry); there you will find details on the courses offered and the choices to be made.

a. A Level Students will choose 3 courses - or in some cases 4 - of the A Level subjects listed, with a free choice from the list shown on Page 6 of the Handbook. If your combination of courses turns out not to be possible, we shall advise you accordingly.

b. BTEC Students will choose the BTEC as a single qualification (the equivalent of 3 A Levels), examined at the end of Year 13 listed on Page 6 of the Handbook.

Your place is conditional upon you obtaining the necessary GCSE qualifications to satisfy our entry requirements outlined in our College VI Prospectus. We make this offer in good faith and intend to run the subjects indicated. In the unlikely event that we are not able to offer one or more of these subjects we will give you the maximum possible notice and offer you the opportunity to make an alternative choice. If your GCSE grades make the choice of subjects above ill-advised or impossible, we shall be pleased to discuss alternatives with you at that time.



Please indicate below the subjects which you are studying at the moment. Include estimated grades where possible.


Please give below the name of someone at your current school from whom references may be obtained. Students at Riddlesdown do not need to give this information

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The deadline for applications from students who do not currently attend Riddlesdown Collegiate is Friday 13th December 2019. Following receipt of applications from students who do not currently attend Riddlesdown Collegiate, references and reports will be requested from students’ current schools. Upon receipt and consideration of these, strong candidates who look likely to meet the admission criteria will be invited to a guidance interview with a senior member of staff. The purpose of this meeting will be to consider how well-suited a student is to the course choices he/she has selected and to offer advice and guidance, as appropriate. Following this meeting, the student will be sent a conditional offer of a place in College VI if the senior member of staff is satisfied that the application is suitable. Guidance interviews for students not currently at Riddlesdown Collegiate will take place in January/February 2020.