On Thursday 25th April, we hosted this year’s Careers Fair for Riddlesdown, Quest and Woodcote students. This was our biggest ever Careers Fair, the event featured over 70 employers, universities and colleges spread over the Main Hall and the library.

Katie Fisher, dietician, who had a stall said, “Everyone’s presentations and set ups seem really impressive. I’m really passionate about my job and getting to talk to people about it and it’s a great way to get into medicine and surrounding areas.” One Riddlesdown teacher stated, “This is a really great experience – there was nothing like this when I was a student and the range of university and apprenticeships here is amazing. It’s so interesting seeing people so passionate about their businesses and courses and being able to explain how they work.”

It was also our best attended ever Careers Fair, with hundreds of students and their parents and carers visiting over the two hours. One parent stated, “Even as a parent this is helpful as my daughter wants to go into law- something I’m unfamiliar with as I work with science so I found it really useful as we were learning together.”

Thank you to Zena Hole, our Careers Leader, for all her fantastic work in putting the event together. The more our students can visualise their future through events like this, the more they will enjoy their studies in the present, as they continue on that path to success. One of our Aquila students said, “This is very exciting and all the university courses seemed very interesting. My focus is computer science and there is lots of broad information that I can use.”