Business Studies

Business Studies is a subject of great relevance in a period of rapid change. Business Studies emphasises the diverse nature of business enterprise, the ever-changing character of business and the interdependence of the various parts of the business world. It is concerned with themes such as innovation and change, social and environmental responsibilities, take-overs and mergers and ethical considerations. It provides with a unique insight into the world of work. You will discover how businesses operate and learn about their key elements and essential business functions. This knowledge, and the holistic understanding that develops, is invaluable and it offers an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue careers in management, marketing, project management, business accounting, management consultancy, human resources, and business journalism as well as those interested in continuing on to further study.


University courses in a variety of subjects can be taken. Those who wish to take Business Studies at degree level will find that all universities offer courses. Professional and vocational courses are also offered at most universities. Related subjects are: Economics, Accountancy and Finance, Administration, Management, Public Administration including advertising, marketing, public relations and retailing. Many people who have studied Business Studies find jobs in areas as varied as administration, advertising, financial services, marketing, personnel, teaching, and in local and national government.

Year 12 Topics

What is a business
Managers, leaders and decision makers
Managing and making marketing decisions
Managing and making financial decisions
Managing and making operations decisions
Managing and making Human Resource decisions

Year 13 Topics

Analysing the strategic position of a business
Choosing strategic direction
Pursuing strategic direction
Managing strategic change