Examinations are key markers through the development of a student’s education. Through a programme of Internal Examinations across Year Groups, and detailed advice and guidance which build toward Public Examinations, we ensure students are as confident and comfortable as possible with the practical elements of how Examinations work. This ensures that, when the time comes for GCSE and A-Levels, students can really focus on their academic performance. Internal examinations also serve an important role as a learning tool in each subject; identifying the skills and knowledge students have developed and highlighting ways to improve further. Teachers dedicate significant time in lessons to preparing for, and reviewing examinations to ensure they accelerate learning.

The rules we follow for Internal Examinations closely match those for Public Examinations and so it is important that students become familiar with the documents on this page, particularly the “Collegiate Exam Notes”. Before Public Examinations, candidates should familiarise themselves with all of this information.

Further information on examinations will be added to this page throughout the academic year.