We have been so impressed with how engaged students in KS3 French and Year 7 Spanish have been with their cultural projects – the quality and effort have been truly outstanding. We have seen so many imaginative entries for the challenges and know from Tutors that they are really enjoying exploring the virtual World! Students have been working on biscuit sculpture, Lego creations, interpretations of famous French artists, wonderful musical performances of French composers’ work and lots of interesting research into languages and La Francophonie.
The projects will run until the end of term so there is still time to get involved and start collecting miles. When we get back to school there will be prizes for the 3 explorers who have managed to cover the most distance each week, special commendations for outstanding work, an event for students who collect more than 25,000 miles and a grand prize for the person who travels the greatest distance overall.
So, keep logging your miles and check out some of the fantastic activities!


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