Riddlesdown hosted its very first virtual art seminar this week!  Riddlesdown Art and Photography students had none other than the charismatic artist, Grayson Perry, along with Emma Hart, installation artist, Simon Roberts, world renowned photographer and Roz Hall, a digital artist. They were beamed ‘Live’ into the Gallery and offered true insights into their creative practice. A truly inspirational day that made the prospect of gaining a job in the creative industries that much more possible.

Mrs Dinham, Teacher of Art


On Monday 7th December, the Art department was a given fantastic opportunity to take part in a ‘live’, Art in Action day for the College VI Art and Photography students. Usually, this would have entailed us going into London for a day of lectures from a range of artists, but this year we managed to experience the fun from our own Gallery! The artists included Emma Hart, Simon Roberts, Roz Hall and the ‘national treasure’ Grayson Perry! Through the talks, we were able to gain an insight into the lives of the artists and become inspired to take on our own creative journeys. The wide array of artists meant that both Art and Photography students were able to see and learn from both artists and photographers, gaining valuable knowledge about their practice and even how they have coped during Lockdown. Despite not being able to see the practitioners in person, we still had an amazing day, gaining valuable knowledge from all of the speakers. Thank you to the Art staff for arranging such a great day! 

Aimee Shardlow 13AGW