Building on the success of previous years, British Science Week 2022 was possibly our best yet! Students from across the Collegiate had the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities, from the hugely popular Science Fair, to a STEAM Club Chemistry extravaganza and the British Biology Olympiad. In lessons, students had the opportunity to embrace this year’s theme of ‘Growth’ – growing crystals, learning how to sample a growing population of plants, considering the limits of Physics and most importantly, looking at personal growth and a broad variety of careers in Science. This included learning about different routes into Science careers, such as college courses and apprenticeships.

It has been fantastic to see the impact that British Science Week has had on our students and their love of Science. We are particularly proud of our Year 12 and Year 13 students who were awarded medals in the British Biology Olympiad (Hasan Ghani, Travis Shoosmith, Oscar Sigee and Mathilde Roberts) and all KS3 students who entered the poster competition.

We would strongly encourage any students who love Science to speak to Mr Sach (Pegasus) and consider joining the STEAM Club which meets after school on a Wednesday.

And here are some other ways students can continue to engage with this year’s theme of British Science Week at home: