Students may not have been able to take part in school sport of late but we have been overwhelmed by the level of commitment from students since lockdown began. Students have been engaging with PE lessons, Joe Wicks, 5k challenge, Croydon Schools Athletics, CPA lockdown challenge and the London Youth Games. The response has been fantastic and it makes us so proud that you have remained active throughout.

Labores Ludorum 5K challenge

The ‘Labores Ludorum’ is our Inter College trophy that students compete for throughout the school year in a  range of different sports. Students have taken part in netball, football, basketball and bench ball. The first 5k challenge became the fifth activity of the year.  The response to this challenge was phenomenal from current staff and students as well as ex students and families getting involved. We had well over 300 entries for the challenge and it finished like this: 

1st Phoenix

2nd Orion

3rd Aquila

4th Pegasus

Well done to everybody who entered and took part as it made the competition really exciting. A special mention to Tom Harmer in Year 8 Phoenix with the fastest time of all. The second 5k challenge will start on Monday 22nd June, which will coincide with the launch of National Sports Week. Please remember that the 5k challenge can include runs, walks, bike rides and family walks and we hope lots will get involved again to fight for points for their College.

CPA Lockdown Challenge

There have been two challenges so far and we have had lots of entries. Every point matters as we compete across every challenge to see who can score the most points. Special mention to Liam Rowland, Casey Damo and Heidi Dobb for their excellent entries and we look forward to seeing many more.

London Youth Games

The London Youth Games started this week and Riddlesdown students are being actively encouraged to take part and represent Team Croydon. Information is updated everyday on the Riddlesdownpe twitter page and we hope to see lots of students doing their best in the daily challenges. Well done to Ethan Martin and Liam Rowland for their excellent efforts this week. Every challenge is different, so check them out and have a go to score for team Croydon.

PE Lessons

PE lessons are set every week on google classroom and we hope that students are enjoying them. Key Stage 3 students this week had to complete the wheel of fitness and see how far they could travel using through exercise. Key Stage 4 students are actively encouraged to take part in workouts as well as getting out to do some exercise whether it’s a walk or a run. It’s so important to be as active as possible during these strange times, so challenge yourself to get out once daily whether its for a walk, run or bike ride and see if you can improve each week. Next week lessons will focus on training like a professional.

Croydon Schools Athletics Championships

The stay at home athletics championships took place just before half term and Riddlesdown had over 60 entries for a range of different events. Riddlesdown managed to finish second place in the Year 10 boys event and third place in the Year 11-13 girls event. Riddlesdown had so many successes through the week and here is a list of all top three finishes:

Max Lorke – 3rd place Year 8 Hurdles

Alyze Gentles – 3rd place Year 8 Hurdles

William Gray –  2nd place Year 7 Marathon

Aron Damo –  3rd place Year 9 Marathon

Emily King –  2nd place Year 9 Marathon

Liam Tambling – 3rd place Year 10 boys Shot-putt

Mattias Blair –  3rd place Year 7 Spot the runner

Alex French –  3rd place Year 9 boys Sprint

Sophie Hill – 2nd place Year 11-13 Triple Jump

Congratulations to Casey Damo and Thiago Gentles who came first place in their events.

Thiago Gentles – 1st place Year 10 Hurdles/ 2nd place High Jump and 3rd place Long Jump

Casey Damo – 1st place Year 7 Marathon/ 3rd place High Jump

In addition, we would like to congratulate Noah Rye, Liam Rowland, Poppy Lewis and Zayd Rafique for entering several events. Well done to all students for taking time to compete in these exciting challenges. It was a great opportunity to challenge yourself in different ways and we love seeing our students do well. You are fantastic ambassadors of the Collegiate.

National Sports Week

Nationals Sports week starts on Saturday 20th June and Riddlesdown will be encouraging students to get involved by completing the challenges we set. More information will follow next week, so please check the website and follow us @riddlesdownpe for daily updates and notifications.