NCS have been in to talk with our Year 11 and 12 students over the past couple of weeks

The NCS programme is a summer experience for your young people aged 15-17. The programme involves a five-day residential trip to an outdoor activity centre in Sussex. Students who sign up will be taking part in lots of fun outdoor activities and will be spending the week GLAMP-ing. The second phase of the programme will see students devise, develop, and deliver a social action project in their local community.  

Since NCS started in 2009, just over 600,000 young people have completed the NCS programme. NCS is highly looked upon by employers and UCAS. It gives young people the chance to meet, mix and make friends with other young people from different backgrounds, whilst developing skills for their CV’s and futures.  

The cost of the programme is £50. The NCS programmes begin in the first weeks of July, with different start dates running all the through to the beginning of August.   

Students can reserve their place now at