The 14th March is internationally renowned as Pi Day. To celebrate the occasion, the Mathematics department ran a series of competitions between our Colleges, creating a real competitive buzz across the Collegiate and raising student awareness of the power of Pi (π).

The 2022 Riddlesdown Pi Bee made its long-awaited return after the pandemic, where students had to recite as many digits of π as possible in order to score points for their College. It was fantastic and impressive to see so many students being able to recall several digits of this famous number. Congratulations to Phoenix College who were declared overall winners.

In addition to the battle between Colleges, there was of course the individual award of Pi Bee Champion for the student who could recite the most digits. Lyra White (10AKM) came in first place, reaching 200 digits! In second place was Eralb Hyselli (10FZU) with 96 digits, and in third was Benjamin Bevington-Smith (8MTC) with 84 digits. Congratulations to all who participated in the event.

The results from the Pi Bee will be added to the race for the Labores Ludorum, the trophy awarded at the end of the academic year to the College with the best performance across all inter-collegiate competitions.