One of the most exciting events that the Riddlesdown Science Department hosts every year is the science fair. It’s a showstopper event that has proven to be very popular over the years. The science department puts their heart and soul into making it a magical experience for any student who comes by.

This year, we wanted to make it bigger, with a greater emphasis on the more science-y bits for the older students. Among the many experiments, we had the iodine clock, rubber band vehicles, floating tea bags, and many more! 

But the science fun doesn’t stop there! Earlier in the school year, we had multiple exciting science-based events, led by the science ambassadors (me included!) Around December, in the spirit of Christmas, we investigated the inner workings of many different Christmas staples – snowflakes, Christmas lights, Christmas dinners, you name it. We compiled all of these investigations together, along with a sprinkle of science-themed Christmas jokes and riddles (RIDDLESdown, get it?), and we were able to craft an amazingly written science magazine. 

In January, some of our science ambassadors, along with some other very passionate students, went to the SATRO challenge. This year, the task was to create a device powered by elastic bands out of an egg box, able to carry 20 1×2 Lego blocks over a distance of 1.2 meters (oddly specific, right?) As a group, we powered through the challenge, and both the KS4 and KS5 teams were able to win 3rd place! It was an experience that I would love to relive! 

Being a science ambassador has not only given me the chance to explore one of my most loved subjects, but it has also opened my eyes to things I hadn’t noticed before, especially the way others see things in science. So, let’s celebrate British Science Week together and marvel at all the incredible discoveries science has brought us! 

By Boadi, Year 11