Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is summarised in our Motto:  
“Learners of today. Leaders of tomorrow.”

This describes our on-going ambition to develop successful adults through all that we do in the Collegiate.

When we asked students “What kind of place do you want the Collegiate to be?” you said:

“We want the Collegiate to be really ambitious for students, providing inspirational teaching, and opportunities for us to learn and develop inside and outside of the classroom. This should be in a kind, fair, safe, tidy and supportive environment, surrounded by the best possible facilities and resources.”

The Values we develop to achieve this are:

V – value each other
A – aim high
L – lead by example
U – use and develop your talents
E – excel in your efforts
S – stick at it

To live up to these Values, students will:

  • be a positive influence in lessons by working to the best of our ability and by showing respect to our teachers and fellow learners
  • behave sensibly and show consideration to others around the Collegiate
  • maintain a calm and tidy environment in which everyone feels safe and secure
  • show courtesy to members of the public and our local community when travelling to and from school, and be proud representatives of Riddlesdown Collegiate through our appearance and conduct
  • complete homework, coursework and revision tasks to the best of our ability at home and ensure that we are ready to learn before leaving for the Collegiate