Independent Study is the collective name for consolidation work, directed thought and preparation work that takes place out of the classroom at Riddlesdown Collegiate. We use the vehicle of Google Classroom to publish this work and all students are able to log on and view work that have been set and adhere to deadlines. Google Classroom is used as an on-going revision resource where students are supported throughout their learning journey.

Effective Independent Study seeks to consolidate and extend learning that has taken place in the lesson or should be used in preparation for forthcoming studies. Flipped learning allows students to engage with key materials before the lesson which enables students to come to lessons having already developed critical thought about the content allowing their learning to be accelerated. In addition to this, Independent Study, should be a vehicle to close gaps in either knowledge or skill for Subjects and should support students in their own personalised development through the Flightpath. Independent Study provides students with a purposeful opportunity to demonstrate their own individual progress. Students will receive support materials to allow for independent completion of work, such as website links, key vocabulary and modelled examples.