College VI

College VI, our specialist Sixth Form provision:

  • delivers almost 30 A Level courses across a wide range of subject areas and allows students to combine courses freely
  • supports students to achieve excellent examination results – almost 60% of grades were A*-B in 2019
  • enjoys specialist facilities, including our £4million arts centre, The @RC, as well as the College VI classrooms, laboratories, Common Room, Library and Cafe
  • sends over 80% of students to University, with more than 1 in 5 to Russell Group organisations
  • enhances learning with an amazing personal development and careers programme

In College VI, we have high expectations for academic progress and independent learning. To this end, students are offered regular advice and guidance by approachable staff. However, they are given autonomy and are held responsible and accountable for their learning behaviour.

We believe that progress is not just about examination results. Education in College VI is more than ‘teaching to the test’. We provide a safe, positive, respectful community within which students are not afraid to be sceptical; take risks; rise to challenges and show resilience when faced with adversity. They need to have the confidence to say ‘I don’t know’ as a precursor to ‘but I will find out.’ We foster a culture of curiosity and reflection and a love of learning which extends beyond the curriculum.

It is vital to prepare students for their future. All students have access to good quality university and careers advice. However, the world is changing at a rapid pace. Students need to be adaptive; they need to be creative and courageous and encouraged to think globally. Their personal development is as vital as their examination results. We have a duty to provide our students with a range of opportunities which will allow them to develop these skills. In return, we expect our students to be involved in the life of the College and the Collegiate. We expect them to take part in extra-curricular activities and assume leadership responsibilities.