Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is the team of College Headteachers and other senior staff who together with the Principal lead and manage all aspects of the Collegiate's work.

Dr Parimal Bhatt


Mr Daniel Osborne

Deputy Principal

Mr Jack Vass

Deputy Principal

Mr Lee Chapman

Headteacher, Aquila College

Dr Thomas Harriott

Headteacher, Orion College

Mr Lee Harkness

Headteacher, Pegasus College

Miss Rhea Madon

Headteacher, Phoenix College

Miss Theresa Ward

Headteacher, CPA College

Mr Jay Weeks

Headteacher, College VI

Miss Abi Ogunseye

Assistant Principal, Achievement

Mrs Fiona Langan

Assistant Principal, Inclusion

Mr Andrew Cameron

Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

Miss Sarah Chapman

Assistant Principal, Professional Learning