College VI Tutors & Teachers

Mr Andrew Cameron

Director of English (13SEJ)

Miss Nicola Pooley

Director of Maths (13EAJ / 12DEW)

Miss Elizabeth Donne

Director of Science

Mrs Tracey Chinsman

Director of Art (13TMC)

Miss Danielle Woolman

Director of PSHEE & Sociology

Mrs Marian Lynch

Curriculum Leader Accounting (13MPL)

Miss Lauren Mackenzie

Curriculum Leader PE (12LCM)

Mr Adrian Wallett

Curriculum Leader Business (13AGW)

Miss Sam Hurley

Teacher of Art (12CES)

Mrs Claire Shepherd

Teacher of Art (12CES)

Mr Stuart Sims

Curriculum Leader Geography (12SCS)

Miss Deepa Sudra

Teacher of Business (12DDS)

Mr Victor Tokarski

Teacher of Mathematics (12VET)

Mrs Amy Dinham

Teacher of Art (13ALD)

Mrs Liz Johnson

Teacher of PE (13EAJ)

Mrs Sienna Jones

Teacher of Maths (13SEJ)

Mr Will Rees

Curriculum Leader Music