Media Studies

Media Studies at GCSE and A level designed to widen the intellectual horizons of the learner through the analysis of a wide range of media forms and contexts. It will enable students to develop a wider understanding and appreciation of the media in both an historical and contemporary context.

Learners will explore how media products follow generic conventions, use media language, represent events, issues, places, individuals and social groups, address audiences and reflect their industrial context.

Learners will explore a range of media forms to exemplify media industry issues demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework (media language, representation, audiences and media industries) as it applies to each form. Learners will apply the theoretical framework and theoretical perspectives to three in-depth studies.

Learners will create a range of media products through applying knowledge and understanding of media language and representation and communicate meaning to an intended audience.

All subject materials can be found in Google classroom.

Year 10  |  Year 11

Year 10

Autumn Term

Students will study introductory concepts of Media studies, Media language, Representation, Media Industries and Audience. These concepts will be applied to a series of set texts.

Media language & Representation: Set Texts

Quality Street 1956,
This Girl Can 2016,
Pride Magazine
GQ Magazine
The Sun Newspaper
The Guardian Newspaper
Spectre Poster
Man with the Golden Gun Poster

Spring Term

Television Drama
Media language, Representation, Industry and Audience

Set Texts
The Sweeney

Summer Term

Coursework designing and creating original print material.

Year 11

Autumn Term

Media language, Representation, Industry and Audience

Music Videos: set texts
Pharrell Williams – Freedom
Taylor Swift – Bad Blood
Michael Jackson – Black or White

Spring term

Media Industry and Audience
The Sun
Pokémon Go
The Archers
Revision of all set texts

Summer Term

Revision of set texts