This term, the Year 7s have explored life in the ocean, specifically the plastic pollution that is slowly destroying our fragile ecosystem. The session was split into learning about the effects of plastic on our seas and oceans through an informational documentary, followed by a fun teamwork activity to create a model of a sea creature out of bits of rubbish and plastics. Some students from Year 7 gave their opinions and learning takes from the lesson:

Joedy from 7JLH commented: “It was sad to see piles of rubbish on the ocean floor and see how it’s killing our planet slowly” she felt the purpose of the lesson was “to make us more aware about the repercussions of littering”.

Lluna from 7JLH: “I learnt that there are rubbish dumps in the ocean – it was very sad to see”.

Felicity from 7SCS had many thoughtful opinions from the lesson: “It showed that when people pollute the sea it really damages the animals, and it just goes to show how much litter there is in the sea”. She felt  that, “it was a reminder of what’s going to happen to our litter if we don’t throw it away”.

Jacquob from 7SCS said: “It doesn’t only affect the animals in the ocean it also affects us because when we catch the fish to consume there’s plastic in the fish so not only does it kill the fish, it kills us”.

Tomas from 7SCS expressed his thoughts after the lesson: “I did a turtle, it was pretty fun and interesting it wasn’t near to what I’ve done before”. From the video he found out that: “Plastic turns into microplastics then when they go into water, they make a poison that harms crops and animals”.

After talking to the students in Year 7, I felt the lesson had a very positive outcome. It reminded students of the importance of protecting our environment whilst also involving a fun, creative activity which is always a valuable aspect of learning!

Meera 12TMM